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cardiffcalendar's Journal

1 January
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  In Cardiff

Welcome to Cardiff! If you've ever seen Doctor Who and/or Torchwood you might know that Cardiff is a bit of an interesting place. We're not here to re-hash Whoniverse canon, we're not here to fight aliens, we're here to live. Welcome to Cardiff, where anything and anyone can turn up and the game begins.

Whether you've come here by plane, portkey or rift, you're here, for better or worse, and you might as well get used to it. Join the internet, meet your fellow residents, and most of all, live!

Relevant Journals

Cardiff Mods - The mod journal for announcements and useful information.
In Cardiff - The main community forum to which characters post and talk on the internet.
Logs In Cardiff - The logs community to play out real-world meetups.
OOC In Cardiff -
The Out Of Character community for player introductions, announcements, discussion, etc.
Tea & Gossip - The NPC journal for the character who knows all your dirty secrets.
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Useful Links

General Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Taken Characters
Application Information & Application
Reserved Characters
Unplayable Characters
Wanted Characters
Mod Contact

Game-specific Information
In-game locations
Twitter Service
Tea & Gossip

Player Resources
Friends Add List
Player Contact [locked]
Unplayable Characters Request Form [locked]
Tagging Tips
Drop Post
Address Book
Calendar of Fun Stuff

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